Holistic dentistry pioneer Dr. Hal Huggins dies at 77 but his legacy will live forever

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At the much too young age of 77, Dr. Hal Huggins passed away at his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 29, 2014. The world has lost a truly great man, a scientific giant by any measure, and a human being with a profoundly deep compassion for all of his patients.

I first met Dr. Huggins in 1993 at a conference in Colorado Springs. I had already read his impressive book, It's All in Your Head, when I met him, so I was a bit awestruck as we talked for that first time. For some reason, he found me interesting as well and suggested that I come by his clinic to see what he was doing.

That was a visit that changed my life forever, and it ended up giving my life a meaning that I could never have imagined it having.

Dr. Huggins has set the bar high for health and healing

Hal became one of my best friends. He had a great sense of humor and an enormous love of life. Even more importantly, he had a love for everyone else's life as well.

He never failed to make sure that all of his patients got a big hug from him when they left the clinic. As he was fond of saying, "Why do you think my last name is Huggins, anyway?"

Hal simply taught me how to think. As a board-certified cardiologist and internist, I thought I had the thought process down pretty well already. However, it rapidly became obvious to me that my years of college, med school, cardiology, and the daily practice of medicine had really only prepared me for the onslaught of new and exciting ideas and concepts that Hal would reveal to me.

It was as though my mind was only hibernating while I had been practicing cardiology in Colorado Springs, and Hal finally flipped my mind's switch from "neutral" to being completely "on." As the old expression goes, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Hal appeared, and I was more than ready.

Dealing with enormous amounts of stress with dignity and grace

As remarkable as Hal was in his ability to clearly think outside of the box, he amazed me just as much by his ability to deal with stress. When I first did consultative work for his clinic, he had a lawyer in town on retainer to deal with the seemingly nonstop stream of obstacles and aggravations that would have had any normal person throwing in the towel.

One case in particular stood out to me. A young woman with asthma and breathing difficulties came to the clinic. Both she and her husband were exceptionally enamored of Dr. Huggins and the work he was doing.

After completing the program, she was doing better than she had in years. Then she later had a few clinical setbacks, but not remotely to the point where she originally presented, and the husband wanted to sue. Hal took it all calmly, while I was contemplating my 'inner rage'!

Patients who seek "alternative" medical or dental care also realize that threats of lawsuits have greater impact since "mainstream" medicine is not there to back them up.

Dr. Huggins leaves a healing legacy - I will NEVER forget

Certainly, Hal was as tenacious as he was brilliant. He took one day at a time, fought through multiple harassing legal actions, and then emerged above it all.

My stomach would have been one big ulcer had I faced what Hal faced. I suppose having a ringside seat to Hal's daily duress was what ultimately pushed me to getting a law degree as well.

I don't believe anybody deserves more credit than Dr. Huggins for starting and then for leading the anti-mercury amalgam movement in the world. Very, very many people have been less sick, have lived longer lives, and have been able to prosper health-wise because of the bulldog-like tenacity of Dr. Huggins in making sure his fellow dentists absolutely understood how toxic mercury is and how crazy it is to put mercury fillings inside someone's mouth.

Hal also has re-energized the realization of the incredible importance of the toxicity of root canal-treated teeth. The proponents of the negative impact of focal dental infection go back hundreds of years, but it took Hal Huggins to shine a light on the science that reveals the deadly nature of this procedure.

Holistic dentistry will be forever grateful for the work of Dr. Huggins

The root canal remains the sacred cow of "modern" dentistry, yet Hal's work, bolstered by the laboratory analysis and expertise of Dr. Boyd Haley, has shown clearly that few things threaten anybody's health as much as a root canal. Much of the mercury fight has finally been won, but the good that Hal has done for all humankind will be even more enormous once the root canal procedure becomes but a footnote on the infectious and toxic annals of dentistry and never gets inflicted on a patient again.

Hal introduced me to the wonders of vitamin C. Intravenous infusions of as much as 50 grams of vitamin C were routinely given to patients undergoing their dental revisions at his clinic.

When I repeatedly witnessed how rapidly an incredibly ill person could improve after the IV vitamin C infusion accompanying a few hours of dental work, I knew I had to expand this knowledge as much as I could for the remainder of my life.

Thank you Dr. Huggins for your intelligence, love and compassion

Hal also taught me and many others, including physicians, dentists, and laypersons, about nutrition. All his patients were tracked with blood testing and other laboratory tests to show that their supplementation, their diet, and their dental revision were having the proper positive effects. None of the information I learned about food and its impact on blood testing had ever even been touched upon in my medical training.

A great friend, a mentor extraordinaire, and an exceptionally good-hearted person, that was Hal Huggins. I hope I can live up to whatever expectations Hal might have had of me. His work is vitally important to all of mankind, and it will continue to evolve and to finally be appreciated as the scientific truth.

Even though his body has passed, his work will not. R.I.P.



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