Avoiding Digestive Toxicity

August 3, 2013 by

How healthy you are depends substantially on your daily toxin exposure.

This concept is not much of a revelation to most people today. The more toxin exposure you have, the sicker you are. The pathway back to good health is to minimize new toxin exposure, eliminate old accumulated toxins, and increase the overall antioxidant stores in your body, led by vitamin C. Toxins are all pro-oxidant in nature, and they do all of their damage by oxidizing important biomolecules. The tissues affected the most determine what disease or clinical syndrome that you have. Antioxidants will directly neutralize toxins, and they will also repair the oxidative damage already inflicted by the toxins.

A healthy gut is incredibly important to achieving and maintaining an overall state of good health.

This is another concept that most people know to be true. However, what causes an unhealthy gut and what returns it back to a healthy state is little known. Poorly digested food, especially protein, generates enormous toxicity as it slows its transit time in the gut and proceeds to rot and putrefy. What you eat at lunch one day should be coming out the next morning. In other words, you need an average bowel transit time of 16 to 18 hours for everything you eat. Longer is toxic, and it is increasingly more toxic the longer it gets. Someone having a bowel movement every few days is generating and absorbing toxins very similar in nature and quantity to the toxins generated by root canal-treated teeth and chronically infected gums.

Having a bowel movement less than once a day is never normal

Some people just accept that their every other day bowel movement is "normal" for them, because they never had more regular bowel function in their lives. This is typically due to a lifetime's worth of poor eating choices, starting in childhood. Few people ever significantly change the way they basically approach eating, especially if they do not have any suspicion as to how critical it is to the many medical problems they already have. Many motivated individuals will go to great lengths to eat better foods while never realizing that it is how they eat them that is really of greatest importance to good health.

The way back to a normal gut

1. Proper food combining. The wrong foods together slow gut movement to a snail's pace.
2. Thorough chewing. Simple, but almost always overlooked.
3. Minimal fluid with meals. Your digestive enzymes need to be supplemented, not diluted.
4. Minimization (but not elimination!) of meat. Beyond a few ounces, it's almost impossible to thoroughly digest.
5. Minimize high glycemic index foods.
6. Completely avoid milk as beverage. Milk combines horribly with just about everything, while supplying vastly too much calcium.

Remember that digestion is delicate

Eating what you want in any amount and in any combination will go a long way toward making you sick and keeping you sick. Sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) powder taken with large amounts of water can cause a bowel-cleansing "C-flush," but it is still not a solution to a poor digestive protocol. Digestive toxicity can be so severe that the following can be asserted:

Poor food digested optimally will challenge your immune system less than perfect, organic foods digested poorly. Obviously, great food digested optimally is the best. But digestion is the key! See the resources below for more information.

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